BOXX Wine Racks has since the beginning in 2001 fulfilled many tasks in wine storage for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, shops and private wine collectors. BOXX Wineracks makes wine racks from 1 to +10.000 bottles.

There are many good reasons why you should choose a BOXX wine rack:

– Stores up to 100 bottles pr. m2
– Stores Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne, standard & 1/2 size bottle.
– The bottles are stored in a correct angle, so that the cork is wet during storage.
– BOXX Wineracks are made of plantation grown Walnut and painted galvanized steel for long lasting.
– The design is clean and simple, and fits into any environment and style.
– BOXX Wineracks can be tailor made to fit any given space for wine storage.

Wijnopslag design service

Volledige Wijnkelders of wijnopslag ruimte uitgevoerd in het Boxx wijnrekken systeem.


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Custom made wijnrekken

If you need a wine rack which has different dimensions than the standard modules, you can design your own wine racks. In our brochure for self design you can find a dimension chart and a grid in which you can draw your desired wine rack.

If you need a wine rack with other dimensions than our standard wine racks, we can make this on order for you. We have made a little guide available for you to view online or print. With this guide you can measure the space you have available for your wine rack, calculate the number of pockets in the design, and order the rack for delivery within a couple of days.

In Full Service we go into the design fase with architects and builders when planning a wine room in a new house or a renovation project, or if you just want’s us to work out a solution that fits your wine room and budget. We work from drawings or do measurements on location ourself. We can present 1-3 different solutions in 3D so that you know what the room will end up looking like. We have more than 15 years experience in building wine cellars and wine rooms, and we are more than happy to pass it on into your project.


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Standaard Modules

Boxx Wineracks have made a set of standard modules, to make it easy to select a wine rack to start with.


Listed below you can see a list of our standard module wine racks:

6 bottles – 130 x 320 mm.
12 bottles – 320 x 320 mm.
20 bottles – 415 x 415 mm.
30 bottles – 510 x 510 mm.
40 bottles – 700 x 510 mm.
42 bottles – 605 x 605 mm.
72 bottles – 795 x 795 mm.
110 bottles – 985 x 985 mm.
120 bottles – 1080 x 985 mm.
210 bottles – 1935 x 985 mm.






Standaard modules, Counter displays en Commercial modules  zijn verkrijgbaar via onze andere websites: of

Counter Display Racks

BOXX Counter Display racks presents a small selection of wines on the counter or a shelf in a wine shop, bar, café or restaurant.




Standaard modules, Counter displays en Commercial modules  zijn verkrijgbaar via onze andere websites: of

Commercial Modules

BOXX Wineracks offers a series of Commercial Wine Rack modules for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Cafés, Wine shops and other wine professionals.


Standaard modules, Counter displays en Commercial modules  zijn verkrijgbaar via onze andere websites: of